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In an effort to keep our family history alive, we have put together this collection of historic family recipes. In the collection, you will find recipes that have been handed down from generation to generation. Some came from Barb's Grandmothers and their Mothers who were great cooks in their day. Many  were wives of Kansas Farmers, who worked their skills of pantry and stove as part of a day's occupation, serving comfort foods to family and farm hands during harvest time.  Many of the recipes are family favorites that were prepared by various family members and are still traditionally served at holidays or other family functions.

Some are new additions by  the current generation to be passed down to the generations to come. Included in this family cookbook are  pictures and stories about the people who prepared these time tested recipes. Please enjoy them as well as a little of our family history. If you are a relative and would like to contribute a recipe, picture or information about a family member, please e-mail the Sinsley's.  We welcome any additions.

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